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Why ChatGPT is No Threat to Talented Writers

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model that has caused a big stir in the content creation world. ChatGPT can be a useful tool for translations, answering research questions, generating computer code, and much more. But can it replace an actual living, breathing content creator? McGuire Media doesn’t think so.

ChatGPT can certainly be helpful in particular areas. For one, ChatGPT can compile a large volume of information and condense that information into readable, logical content very quickly. Speed is undoubtedly a huge factor in the attractiveness of ChatGPT and AI models like it. ChatGPT can also instantly customize content to fit specific uses and domains to ensure relevancy.

While all of those perks might sound pretty great, we are here to tell you why working with an experienced content writer is still your best bet for putting out great content. Here are just some of the reasons ChatGPT does not measure up to a living, breathing content creator.

  1. ChatGPT lacks common sense and emotional intelligence.

Despite all the cool features, ChatGPT is just a computer program. As a computer program, it cannot discern emotional or contextual meaning like a human can. The nuanced connotation of specific words, the dynamic energy of certain phrases and references, colloquialisms, sarcasm, and humor—all of this is lost in AI-generated content. Instead, what you get is cut-and-dry content that lacks engagement and style. This lack of engaging language can make connecting with those reading your content difficult, if not impossible.

  1. Using AI-generated content is like plagiarism.

While utilizing AI-generated content is not illegal, it is akin to plagiarism. ChatGPT can only generate information that has already been uploaded online. The AI cannot create fresh content or generate original ideas, so it must pull from what already exists on the internet. ChatGPT will then regurgitate that information. This is not a principled or valuable way to create content.

The program will also include imperceptible syntax and phrasing “tags” that allow interested outside parties to discern if the content you are putting out has been AI-generated. Because those consuming this content understand that AI-generated content is not original or unique, you could risk losing engagement and authority within your industry.

  1. Long-form content is difficult for AI.

Long-form content, like blog posts, webpage content, and press releases, are difficult for AI programs like ChatGPT. These programs were designed for implementation in generating answers to questions or summaries and small blurbs of information. This means that simple sentences are fine, but long-form content will suffer in structure, format, and narrative areas. The longer the piece, the less capable the AI becomes at maintaining coherency, and grammar often becomes convoluted. This is something that will highly impact the readability of your content.

  1. AI-generated content is not engaging.

It goes without saying, but with AI, there is no human element, hence: no unique voice or style. There is no humor, emotional connection, or distinctly human musings. Simply put, there is no substitute for authentic human skill when it comes to writing. The entire reason content has become such an integral part of marketing and branding campaigns is because of this human element. Good content informs. Great content turns your customers into brand loyalists. Compelling content pulls people in and gets them interested in what you and your company or organization have to say. Informed content can establish you as an authoritative voice in your industry. Uniquely curated content projects your uniquely targeted purpose.

ChatGPT can produce content, but it cannot produce unique or nuanced content. Like other AI programs, it can make our lives easier, but it cannot do the work for us. Because of this, most copy produced by ChatGPT and other AI will need to be fine-tuned. This means you will need a real, living, and breathing content writer to sit down with this subpar work and re-write what has already been written. This means you’ll spend even more to generate content, all while stifling the expertise and ability of experienced content creators.

McGuire Media is confident in the work we produce. We know that the value of the content we create far surpasses what AI can generate. We are dedicated to providing a unique voice for your brand. Our experienced, professional team of writers is ready to help your business thrive.