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Why Your Business Needs a Blog in 2020 (and Beyond)

With the rise in popularity of Youtubers and Instagram influencers, you may think  people aren’t reading blogs anymore. The truth is that blogs did take a backseat for awhile, but they’re making a meteoric comeback.

Because of this, your business can’t afford to forgo a blog today. When done professionally, a blog will show an immediate return on investment for driving traffic and sales to your business website.

How will a blog help your business?

One of the most costly aspects of marketing is customer acquisition. Getting eyes on your business is the bottom line, especially with all of the competition. A blog written with expert SEO techniques can rocket your site to the top of a Google search.

An impressive number of website views is good, but it’s even more important to convert those views into sales. As visitors read your informative, professionally-written blog posts, they’ll get to know you and trust your expertise before they even think about pricing.

The modern pandemic has altered the way most of us live, work, and do business. As a result, businesses aren’t in front of the customer as much. So many transactions happen virtually now. Orders are placed online and picked up without contact. Estimates are given over Zoom. Because you’re not seeing your customers as often, you don’t have the chance to chat with them, catch up, help them explore new services you offer, uncover their hidden needs, or pitch a new product.

If your customers are going to your website to initiate a transaction, keep them engaged on your site with relevant blog topics. Show current customers your total value by making the best use of your site. Educate them about your field; highlight new products. If you have a new service, explain why it’s better than what the competition offers.  A blog is your best chance to inform and influence your customer when you can’t be in front of them.

An email newsletter isn’t enough.

People are overwhelmed with emails right now. Your newsletter only has a slim chance of being relevant to your audience and most emails only have a 20% chance of being opened. Even worse, they only have a 3% click-through rate! Relying on an email newsletter puts all your eggs in one very small basket.

A blog is one of the best modern methods to drive sales. You can include sales links to your products within each entry. The content of your blog also makes for interesting, clickable social media posts that you can optimize with ad sponsorship. And you can include calls to action like signing up for text notifications or following your social media channels. Informative blog posts are very likely to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Click here to learn more about how we can help you optimize your blog and social media marketing strategy.